uMngeni Local Municipality

Financial Services

Mzingisi Hloba has been appointed as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of uMngeni Local Municipality, a position that is responsible for the financial management of the municipality in pursuance of enhanced service delivery and betterment of the lives of the people of uMngeni Local Municipality.

Hloba comes with vast experience in the public sector financial management with a combined 18 years' experience working as the CFO for different sized municipalities and demographics.

The new CFO possesses a B Comm. (Accounting) qualification and Post Graduate Certificate in Practical GRAP Implementation.
He strongly believes in clean administration and always commits to working tirelessly towards improved service delivery provision by the municipality hence has contributed to three Clean Audit Opinions and 11 Unqualified Audit Opinions over the span of his career as the CFO in various municipalities.
He is member of CIFARO (Chartered Institute of Government Finance Audit & Risk Officers), iLGM(Institute for Local Government Managers), SARPA (South African Revenue Protection Association) and has served in SALGA National Finance Working Committee during discussion of Municipal Finance Management Bill now MFMA.He has gained exposure in policy formulation, statutes interpretation and understanding management operations relevant enough for the post of CFO.