uMngeni Local Municipality

Municipal Manager

Headed by the Municipal Manager, Mr. Mzi Hloba, the Office of the Municipal Manager is at the heart of our municipality's operations, ensuring the effective and efficient management of its affairs. As the Accounting Officer, the Municipal Manager oversees the core functions of our municipality, guiding its strategic direction, managing resources, and ensuring that we meet our commitments to our community.

Sub-directorates within this office include the Mayor's Office, Internal & Risk Audit, Integrated Development Planning & Performance Management Services (IDP/PMS), Youth Services, Special Programmes & Social Services, Communications, Civil Education & Public Participation, and Legal Services.

Key responsibilities of the Municipal Manager and his office are:

1. Strategic Leadership: Providing overall strategic direction to the municipality in line with the Integrated Development Plan.

2. Performance Management: Overseeing the implementation and monitoring of the municipality's Performance Management System, to ensure that we deliver on our commitments to the community.

3. Financial Oversight:As the Accounting Officer, ensuring that the municipality's financial resources are managed responsibly and transparently, in line with relevant legislation and best practices.

4. Risk Management Identifying and managing risks to the municipality through the Internal & Risk Audit sub-directorate, to ensure the integrity of our operations.

5. Youth and Social ServicesThrough the Youth Services, and Special Programmes & Social Services sub-directorates, the office helps to deliver essential services and programmes that support the development and wellbeing of our community.

6. Public Participation and Communication:Ensuring that the community is informed about the municipality's work and has opportunities to participate in decision-making processes, through the Communications, Civil Education & Public Participation sub- directorates.

7. Legal Compliance:Ensuring that all the municipality's actions comply with relevant legislation through the Legal Services sub-directorate.

8. Support to the Mayors Office: Assisting the Mayor in fulfilling his or her responsibilities and ensuring effective communication and coordination between the Mayor's Office and the rest of the municipality.

The Office of the Municipal Manager is dedicated to transparency, accountability, and service excellence. We strive to serve the best interests of all members of our community and are committed to creating a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable future for our municipality.

PA to Municipal Manager: Ms. Joy Pratt
Email Address:


Mayoral Office:

  • Support the Mayor in executing their duties and responsibilities.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the Mayoral office, including coordinating meetings, public appearances, and communications.

Name of Manager: Ms. Philisiwe Memela

IDP/PMS (Integrated Development Plan/Performance Management System):

  • Oversee the development, implementation, and review of the municipality Integrated Development Plan.
  • Manage the Performance Management System, including monitoring and reporting on performance against the IDP.

Name of Manager: Mr. Sandile Makhaye

Internal Audit & Risk Services:

  • Conduct internal audits to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and legality of the municipality's operations.
  • Manage the municipality's risk management strategy, including identifying potential risks and implementing mitigation measures.

Chief Audit Executive:Mr. Sbu Majola
Name of Manager:Ms. Manelisi Zuma

Youth Services, Special Programmes; Social Services:

  • Develop and implement programs and initiatives aimed at youth development.
  • Advocate for the needs and interests of young people within the municipality.

Name of Manager: Sphe Mkhasibe

Communications, Civil Education, & Public Participation:

  • Manage all internal and external communications for the municipality.
  • Implement and oversee civil education initiatives.
  • Facilitate public participation in municipal affairs and decision-making processes.

Name of Manager:Thando Mgaga
Email Address:

Legal Services:

  • Provide legal advice to the municipality and represent it in legal proceedings.
  • Ensure that the municipality's operations comply with all applicable laws and regulations.