uMngeni Local Municipality

Information Communication Technology


The vision of ICT services of is “uMngeni will have the full capacity to unlock the value and security of municipal information and harness technology to improve operational efficiency which will lead to accelerated service delivery”.

The ICT Vision Will Be Realised When

  • All business processes are mapped and fully automated
  • All communities within uMngeni have access to government services from anywhere, anytime
  • Information is readily available real-time at a click of a button
  • All schools in uMngeni promote e-learning and produce students who are technologically capacitated
  • The digital divide has been bridged
  • Billing integrity is sound, and customers can access their bills online
  • The uMngeni and uMngeni Municipalities share one ICT infrastructure and systems
  • The Municipality is paperless and wireless
  • The Municipalities ICT infrastructure is highly secured, stable and extendable
  • The users utilise more than 80% of the ICT services in their day to day work
  • The Municipality has an extremely high level of productivity through the use of process automation and monitoring
  • ICT is fully compliant in terms of the auditor general, Security agency and ISO standards
  • The Municipal broadband is implemented and the uMngeni is collecting 20% of the revenue received from the broadband project
  • All Councillors and Officials are ICT literate