ByLaws and Policies in English

Municipal Traffic and Crime By-Laws (English)

Municipal Information Systems and Security Policy (ISS)

Municipal Leave Policy

Municipal Job Evaluation Policy

Municipal Travel Allowance Policy

Municipal Recruitment and Selection Policy

Municipal Disciplinary Procedure Manual

Municipal Placement Policy

Municipal Overtime Policy

Municipal Human Resources Labour Relations Policies Register

Municipal Employee Assistance Programme Policy

Municipal Disciplinary Process Flow Diagram

Municipal Contegency  Plan To Render Services

Municipal Cellphone Allowance Policy

Municipal Amended Rates Policy 2015/2016

Municipal Fire Brigade Service Policy

Financial By-laws

Electricity Supply By-Laws

Credit Managemen By-Laws

Credit Control and Debt Collection By-Laws

By-Laws relating to the Control of Parking Attendants/Car Guards

Cemetry By-Laws

Dumping and Littering By-Laws

By-laws relating to Dogs

Rate By-laws

Municipal Policy on Experiential Training, Volunteerism, Internship and Learnership

Municipal Training and Development Policy

Policy Regarding the use of Telephones by Employees and Councillors

Municipal Tariffs Policy

Municipal upply Chain Management Policy

Municipal Study Scheme Policy

Municipal Rates Policy

Municipal Fixed Asset Management and Accounting Policy

Municipal Banking and Investment Policy

Municipal Disciplinary Action and Grievance Procedure

Municipal HIV and AIDS Policy

Delegated Powers of Authority

Promotion of Access to Information Act

Standing Rules and Orders for Counsil and It Commitees

Street Trading By-Law

Municipal Tarrif Policy

By-Laws relating to public meetings and getherings, processions and the like

Public Health By-Laws

By-Laws relating to nuisances

Funeral Undertakers By-Laws

UMngeni Supply Chain Management Policy

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Office of the Mayor:
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