Human Resource Management

The goal of Human Resource Management is to strategically manage the Municipal Human Capital of the entire organisation of uMngeni Municipality focusing on the following aspects:- 

  • Contributing towards the process of restructuring the Organization in terms of the needs and challenges of uMngeni Municipality within its changing Integrated Development Plan. 
  • Recruitment and Selection of staff, and retaining the existing staff. 
  • Human Resources Development which impacts on Quality Service Delivery and Integrated Development Planning, and the Development of a Workplace Skills Plan and implementation thereof. 
  • Study Assistance Programmes, and offering in-service training to aspiring trainees who have completed tertiary levels of education. 
  • Policy Development and Implementation 
  • Implementation and Monitoring Performance Management systems for improved Service Delivery. 

In order to meet the statutory requirements of the MFMA in terms of ensuring that all senior management and finance staff are well equipped with finance management skills, the municipality will be sending the finance staff to a finance course. The uMngeni Municipality Study Assistance Programme sharpens skills, and increases staff capacity. To date, we have utilized the services of the following institutions:- 

  • University of KwaZulu Natal; 
  • Varsity College; 
  • Durban University of Technology;

UMngeni Municipality Equity Plan

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