15 February 2024


Dear uMngeni Residents,

The uMngeni Municipality faces a critical financial challenge, losing over R50 million annually due to electricity theft. This substantial loss impacts our ability to improve and maintain essential infrastructure, including our roads. The funds used to cover these losses are derived directly from the rates you pay, highlighting the direct impact on our community budget.

We recognize the issues we face with our infrastructure, but addressing these concerns becomes unattainable with such a significant deficit in our budget. It’s concerning that there has been a growing culture of non-payment and expectations of receiving services without cost. It’s important to remember that these services come at a cost, and ultimately, it’s the residents and businesses within uMngeni that bear this financial burden.

The municipal budget is funded by you—our community. It’s crucial that we collectively work to shift this culture of non-payment. I urge each of you to discuss the importance of paying for electricity with your neighbors, employees, and within your networks.

For households earning R5000.00 or less per month, the municipality offers a support measure of 200kWh of free basic electricity each month. This assistance, the most generous in KwaZulu-Natal, demonstrates our commitment to supporting our most vulnerable residents. To access this benefit, an application must be submitted to the municipality.

The issue of electricity theft has reached a crisis level. We implore everyone to join us in changing this culture of theft and non-payment. Together, we can overcome this challenge and work towards a more sustainable and prosperous uMngeni.

Attached to this letter is communication in English and isiZulu that you can also communicate.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and your continued support.


Cllr CJ Pappas


uMngeni Local Municipality

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