“Team Ubuntu”, supported by a bigger group of the Mayor’s Office, the Office of Municipal Manager, municipal officials and external stakeholders is ‘tackling’ a problem with a Public Value Proposition that: We will tackle:-

(a) illegal dumpsites and

(b) the lack of waste segregation (impacting landfill) because we strive towards a cleaner and healthier community which fosters economic opportunities and dignity for all.

The approach has short, medium and long term phases and is an iterative process. Invaluable tools have been shared with the team by Harvard University and Bloomberg Philanthropies as part of the City Leadership Programme. The skills will be transferred to other projects within the Municipality.

On 12 April 2024, the first illegal dumpsites “Emaromeni” and “Asibemunye” were tackled. This is not merely about illegal dumpsite clearing, but the research, awareness, education and ultimately rehabilitation of the illegal dumpsites to enable possible more productive use by communities.

If you want to become a voluntary stakeholder of the bigger group and contribute your expertise and/or services (in the clearing, research, awareness, education and rehabilitation) we urge you to make contact. Please email your details to lelani.vandenberg@umngeni.gov.za or submit to the Office of the Municipal Manager.


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