Good day uMngeni residents,

Please note that the R617 near Mpophomeni and the bridge over the uMngeni River near Howick Falls are closed due to small groups of people blocking the roads illegally.

The protestors are refusing for the municipality to conduct electricity meter audits to check for illegal connections and by passed meters.

The muncipality loses about R80 Million a year due to electricity theft. This is money that is taken from other service delivery items such as roads, street lights, grass cutting, libraries, etc.

Unfortunately it is not sustainable for the municipality and rate payers to continue to carry this burden, especially when there are people who can pay but refuse to. The muncipality offers 200kwh free basic electricity for those who cannot afford electricity (R5000 household income or less qualify). The highest of any muncipality in the province.

Please encourage your family, friends and employees to pay for electricity.

Public order police and SAPS have been alerted. Municipal provate security has also been informed.

The muncipality does not engage with those who destroy public property and block roads illegally.

We will update if the situation changes.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

*Cllr CJ Pappas*


uMngeni Local Municipality

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