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Chris Pappas (31) was born in Pietermaritzburg. He grew up in Mooi River on a farm with his parents and younger sister. He attended Treverton Prep school and went on to matriculate at Hilton College in 2009. Chris spent much of his teen year in Howick. He proceeded to the University of Pretoria (UP) where he graduated in Town and Regional Planning. He got a distinction for his dissertation which was titled “Education Planning as tool for national development.”


A series of spectacular waterfalls surround the area, which is about 29km north-west of Pietermaritzburg.

Key Priorities

  • Infrastructure Investment and Maintenance
  • Jobs and a Growing Economy
  • Waste and the Environment
  • Responsive and Transparent Government
  • Building Safer Communities


uMngeni Municipality through people focussed development will improve its skills capacity in order to deliver quality services and ensure inclusive socio-economic growth.

Chief Accounting Officer of uMngeni Local Municipality

Office of the Municipal Manager

Headed by the Municipal Manager, Mr. Mzi Hloba, the Office of the Municipal Manager is at the heart of our municipality's operations, ensuring the effective and efficient management of its affairs. As the Accounting Officer, the Municipal Manager oversees the core functions of our municipality, guiding its strategic direction, managing resources, and ensuring that we meet our commitments to our community.

uMngeni Tourism

uMngeni Tourism is about celebrating and promoting the Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands, and uplifting the local community. We want to unite and empower local businesses and create unique experiences for visitors to enjoy.

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Empowering Communities through Dedicated Ward Representatives

The uMngeni Local Municipality is equipped with dedicated Ward representatives who have pledged their unwavering commitment to serving their constituents and addressing a wide range of service delivery matters.


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